ChapterSpot Training/Demo Videos

  • Officer Training
  • How to add PNMs to RecruitmentApp
  • How to report New Members
  • How do I see and submit ChecklistApp Assignments
  • How do I use the Form Library
  • How to activate a member’s account
  • How to update your chapter’s website
  • How to change Officer Roles
  • Finance Admin Demo – Contact IHQ if you are interested in implementing for your chapter’s/colony’s dues collections
  • Advisor Training
  • Alumni Association Officer Training

Ritual Equipment, Banners, and Flags

Fraternity Apparel

Fraternity Songs

Jolly Laddies

(To the tune of “There’s a Tavern in the Town”)
We are Jolly Laddies, Jolly Laddies we,
And firm united is our com-a-ra-de-rie,
So we’ll all join in, to make the wel-kin ring,
While to Pi Lambda Phi we sing.
So let’s join in jolly chorus,
While our Youth is still before us,
Let us ev-er joy-ous be.
Pi Lamb-da Phi inscribed in ev’ry loy-al heart,
Fra-ter-nal friendship till in death we all do part.
So we’ll all join in, to make the wel-kin ring,
While to Pi Lambda Phi we sing!
Hear Jolly Laddies

We Are One Brotherhood

We are one brotherhood,

We’re loyal as a clan.

We are one brotherhood,

A symbol of the land.

We pledge our hearts and loyalties

To our fraternity

The purple and the gold

We’re all for one, for Pi Lambda Phi.

Brother Mine Forever

(To the chorus of “Keep the Home Fires Burning”)
Brother mine forever,
We are bound together,
By a bond that stronger grows
As years roll by.
Mystic words unspoken,
Holy vows unbroken
Holds us faithful to the tie,
Of Pi Lambda Phi.
When the days are dreary,
When the heart grows weary;
Tho the dark clouds of despair,
May hide the sky,
I shall ne’er be friendless,
For our love is endless;
Even death can’t break the tie,
Of Pi Lambda Phi.
Hear Brother Mine Forever

Dream Girl of Pi Lambda Phi

Look at the glistening sky
Dream girl of Pi Lambda Phi
Moon up above you
Saying I love you
Moonbeams are whispering a sigh
I know the stars will agree
You were created for me
I’m in love with you forever
Yours till I die
Dream Girl of Pi Lambda Phi