Pi Lambda Phi University

Pi Lambda Phi University (PLPU) is an online learning experience that strives to educate our New Members and Brothers in a fun and interactive way. It’s a tool that helps pass down practical skills and knowledge from one generation of Pilams to the next while staying true to the Founders’ mission established in 1895. By increasing the foundation of education and knowledge provided to members, we can build a better foundation for our future.

Overview of Learning Plans

The Path to Brotherhood

Broken down into a five-week program, the Path to Brotherhood is a New Member education program that teaches the values and history of our fraternity and allows each new member to learn at his own pace. The program is organized into natural 18-22 minute chunks, leaving each New Member free to divide each week’s two hours of total content into the number and length of sessions that most easily fits his schedule. During regularly scheduled meetings, your New Member Educator will have the opportunity to maximize face-to-face time through discussion on the topics learned that week. Rather than spending time recreating lessons, quizzes, or meeting agendas, the New Member Educator will be free to focus instead on integrating New Members into their University’s Greek Life system while helping them develop relationships with the unique Brothers, traditions, and customs of your chapter.

  • The meaning of our Creed
  • The values within our Ritual
    • Commitment (formerly Obedience)
    • Scholarship
    • Financial responsibility
    • Character
    • Leadership
  • The expectations of a Pilam New Member
    • Scholarship
    • Time
    • Finance
    • Fraternalism
    • Brotherhood
  • The five-fold New Member obligations
    • Follow instructions
    • Respect authority
    • Always be a gentleman
    • Courage to follow your convictions
    • Keep the secrets
  • Fundamentals of a chapter
    • Brotherhood
    • Unity
    • Pride
    • Trust
    • Work
    • Responsibility
    • Initiative
    • Organization
    • Respect
    • Common Sense

General Resources

Letter to Educators
Key Terminology
Pi Lambda Phi FAQ’s
Facilitation Tips for Educators

The Path to Brotherhood

Learning Plan Outline
Brotherhood Map
Facilitator Guide – Commitment (formerly Obedience)
Facilitator Guide – Scholarship
Facilitator Guide – Finance
Facilitator Guide – Character
Facilitator Guide – Leadership

The Map of Brotherhood

Facilitator Guide – Elimination of Prejudice
Facilitator Guide – Ritual (Please contact IHQ for this facilitators guide)
The Sacred Ritual of Pi Lambda Phi (For Initiated Brothers)

We have all gone through initiation, but what did it really mean? There was a lot of unique symbolism, and the words spoken at initiation night were in-depth. This learning plan breaks down the key parts of our ritual and provides more background information to connect the dots as to why we do the ritual we do. Most importantly, this learning plan reveals the deepest meanings of our ritual experience, and will leave you informed and inspired!

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