Parent Resources

Congratulations on your son’s membership in Pi Lambda Phi, a fraternity committed to providing its members with a strong sense of brotherhood, and opportunities to develop their abilities and leadership potential.

Developing well-rounded individuals

Pi Lambda Phi was founded in 1895 on the ideals of inclusivity. Our goal is to give members opportunities in leadership, academics, philanthropy, and social development. Members learn obligations, business acumen, civic engagement, accountability, and dealing with different personalities.

Leadership Institute – Educating Emerging Leaders

Pi Lambda Phi “Leads Courageously” by providing unique educational and leadership programs to help emerging leaders improve their skills and inspire positive change. The keystone of these programs is the Leadership Institute, a week-long retreat for upcoming leaders.

Employing professional staff and trained alumni volunteers, the institute takes an immersive approach to teaching the bedrock principles of good leadership that help members develop their individual abilities.

This program’s team building and interactive exercises have proven to be more engaging and effective than classroom-based learning. Brothers learn how to assess and develop trust with the others in their groups. They learn how to better give and receive feedback and make improvements. Participants have called the program “eye opening” and “immensely beneficial.”

Support the Leadership Institute

Please help us continue developing Pi Lambda Phi leaders by supporting the Leadership Institute.



What are the benefits of joining a fraternity?

Joining a fraternity is a life-changing decision. Pi Lambda Phi is here to develop young men into the future leaders of tomorrow through education, brotherhood, civic engagement, and philanthropic service.

Will my son be hazed?

Pi Lambda Phi has a zero-tolerance policy regarding hazing of any sort. Our members’ health and welfare are considered our first priority. If at any time we are alerted to members being put in unsafe situations, we immediately act to correct and prevent any further unsafe behavior. We recommend all parents review the Risk Management Policy. If you hear of your son participating in activities that are counter to the aforementioned guidelines, please let our headquarters staff know immediately by calling (203) 740-1044 or emailing

How much does it cost?

Like most clubs and organizations, there is a cost associated with being a member of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity. Because we understand college students have limited funds available, Pilam has worked hard to keep our prices as affordable as possible.

How will joining affect his grades?

Academic achievement and earning a degree is the paramount reason students attend college. Pi Lambda Phi believes it is our role to enhance and support our members’ collegiate experience. Your son’s success in the classroom is one of our primary goals. We provide numerous resources for our members, including presentations from professional staff members and online resources.

Does he have to live in a chapter house?

The answer to this question truly depends on the chapter. Some Pilam chapters do have a chapter facility, while others do not. Please have your son contact the head of housing for his local chapter to have all questions answered.