Educational Foundation Scholarships

Recognizing the concerns associated with the rising costs of higher education, the Educational Foundation provides aid to qualifying undergraduate brothers. Traditionally, the Foundation has awarded General Scholarships to brothers who qualify based upon active fraternity commitment, campus/community involvement, academic achievement, and financial need. Currently, the Foundation awards scholarships to qualified undergraduates on an annual basis.

  • George A. Beck, H.B. Scholarship
  • Stanley L. Klunder, H.B. Leadership Scholarship
  • Alan J. Silverman – VA Omega Alpha Scholarship (UVA Fund)
  • Fred Dobens, H.B. Scholarship
  • PA Delta Iota Scholarship (Drexel Fund)
  • PA Omega Gamma Scholarship (PSU Fund)
  • Lt. General Keith Dayton Scholarship (military service fund)
  • Hal Gaba Scholarship (for Music, Theatre, and Arts majors)
  • General Educational Foundation Scholarships

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Pi Lambda Phi University

The Educational Foundation provides learning and development opportunities our undergraduate brothers want and need. Through modern technology, Pi Lambda Phi can provide the knowledge to our members without being in a classroom or at a conference. By supporting development of Pi Lambda Phi University (PLPU), the Educational Foundation helps give our undergraduate brothers the flexibility to learn at their own pace the skills they need to be the world’s next group of courageous leaders.