Pi Lambda Phi is committed to the Elimination of Prejudice. Understanding that prejudice and discrimination may present in a variety of ways in the communities that Pi Lambda Phi exists, member chapters have six (6) charitable organizations that they may choose to support each academic year.

The list below was created coordination between our Undergraduate Advisory Council (UAC) and our International Executive Council (IEC), as well as confirmed by our Undergraduate Brothers at the annual House of Delegates meeting in 2023.

1 – The Elimination of Prejudice Foundation

The Elimination of Prejudice Foundation empowers courageous campus leaders who want to create long lasting community change. They address prejudice and inequality by setting the conditions for sensitive conversations and creating experiences that widen perspectives and create a better understanding of differences.

2 – American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

The ACLU (Co-founded by Brother Arthur Garfield Hayes (Columbia 1902)), seeks to ensure that individuals residing in the United States of America are afforded their full rights guaranteed to them by the nations Constitution. The ACLU strives to ensure the ‘free and equal’ treatment of all in alignment with the Creed of Pi Lambda Phi. 

3 – The Special Olympics

The Special Olympics seeks to provide opportunities for children and adults living with intellectual disabilities to stay active, find community, and eliminate prejudices experienced by members of their community. Brother Rafer Johnson (UCLA ’55) was an early (and lifelong) supporter of the Special Olympics. 

4 – Big Brothers/Big Sisters (BBBS)

Big Brothers/Big Sisters seeks to connect young children with adults who can act as mentors as they progress through their young lives in order to unlock those children’s full potentials. Men of Pi Lambda Phi support the BBBS initiative through both the mentoring of children in their local communities and the raising of funds to continue the institutions efforts. 

5 – The Innocence Project

The Innocence Project seeks to free innocent Americans from incarceration, prevent wrongful convictions, and create an equal criminal justice system for all. The Innocence Project aligns with Pi Lambda Phi in its mission to create a society where all men can be treated “Free and Equal” in accordance with our creed and the Constitution of the United States. 

6 – Challenge Day

Challenge Day is a transformative day long experience hosted on campus’s accross the nation with the intent of eliminating prejudices experienced in the classroom, eliminating harmful ‘clique’ mentalities, and creating better understanding ‘twixt students.