The Pilam Journey

Joining a fraternity is more than just an experience, it is a journey. The five basic stages of your journey as a Pilam are recruitment, new member process, initiation, undergraduate brother, alumni brother.


Formal Recruitment or Rush, hosted by the local Interfraternity Council (IFC), is typically one or two weeks at the beginning of each semester (exact time frames vary by campus). Most fraternities will hold various events for interested men to come meet members of that chapter. For Pi Lambda Phi, recruitment is not limited to Rush. Instead it is a process lasting 365 days a year, so take the opportunity to meet Pilams from the chapter at your institution to learn more. Pi Lambda Phi is not for everyone. We select the top individuals who will better the Fraternity and themselves through a life guided by our Creed and Values.

New Member

The new member process will last approximately five to eight weeks. The purpose of the new member process is for you to learn the ideals and traditions of our Fraternity. It is a time of adjustment, development, and then achievement. You will build many bonds and friendships among your new member class and with the brothers. Pi Lambda Phi has a zero tolerance for hazing.


Initiation is a symbolic and meaningful ceremony which connects Pilams throughout generations. Also referred to as Ritual, it is the time that serves as the culmination of the new member process and is reflective of all that has been learned about what it means to be a brother of Pi Lambda Phi. Initiation may be your final step as a new member, but it is only your first as a Brother of Pi Lambda Phi.

Undergraduate Brother

Your journey as an undergraduate brother will serve as a compliment to your collegiate experience. You will have many opportunities to grow as a leader while further strengthening your chapter. The bonds and friendships you build as a new member will only continue to grow, while you develop new ones. Social and community service events, along with philanthropic activities will only amplify the impact the Fraternity will have on your collegiate experience and enhance the legacy you leave on your campus. What you receive from your experience as an undergraduate member will be based on what you put into it.

Alumnus Brother

As an alumnus brother, the number of opportunities to be involved continues to increase. From working on the professional staff to serving on the International Executive Council (IEC) or the Educational Foundation, volunteering as a Chapter Advisor, on a Chapter Advisory Board, or Housing Corporation, or even just attending yearly alumni events. The opportunities to give back and have an enjoyable time with your brothers are infinite.