Military Appreciation

Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity is humbled by the selfless service many of our Brothers have given to our nation. We thank all the Brothers who have served. We are forever grateful for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. We acknowledge with great pride those who have earned the rank of General or Admiral, and we so appreciate from those who have served the affirmations that the Pi Lambda Phi experience complemented their military experience.

To honor and support our veteran members, we have a special recognition pin and a scholarship reserved for Brothers with military experience.

Military Service Recognition Pin

Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity recognizes Brothers who have honorably served or are currently serving in the armed forces with its Military Service Recognition Pin. Brothers who meet the below eligibility requirements may receive or purchase the Military Service Recognition Pin.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Currently serving or honorably discharged from the armed forces
  • A member in good standing of Pi Lambda Phi  International Fraternity

Chapters with Brothers that meet the eligibility requirements are encouraged to purchase and present the pin to those Brothers in appreciation for their service. Military Service Recognition Pins may be purchased from Herff Jones. To order a pin, please visit the Herff Jones website, found here.

Lt. General Keith W. Dayton Fund

(Military Service Fund)

The Lt. General Keith W. Dayton Fund provides scholarships to Fraternity Brothers associated with U.S. military service. Read more about Lt. General Keith Dayton here.

Minimum criteria for the Scholarship include:

  • Being a current Pilam undergraduate or graduate student
  • Being a veteran, someone serving on Active Duty, or in the Reserves or National Guard, or a ROTC Cadet
  • Demonstration of academic excellence and leadership qualities