George A. Beck Fund

George A. Beck, H.B. served as Executive Director from 1966-1992. George joined the VA Omega Alpha Chapter at the University of Virginia in 1940 cementing the legacy of his brother Sig who had helped start the chapter.

Pearl Harbor accelerated the need for young men like George who joined the US Navy. George served two combat tours in the Pacific theater on a minesweeper. George would remain in the Naval Reserves before retiring as a Captain.

George had a lifelong passion for the Fraternity and the Creed. He enjoyed listening to undergraduates and helping them navigate through challenges. When it was time to pass the torch from leading the headquarters, he graciously funded scholarships for our undergraduates.

George established the George A. Beck fund to help the high performing brother who has excelled in academics, community, and academics.

Our goal is to build on the legacy George established. We have a goal of increasing the fund by $50,000 to allow the investment income to provide an annual award perpetually.