Undergraduate Advisory Council

The new UAC is a group of six undergraduate men of Pi Lambda Phi from around the nation. Each year, at our Annual Gathering, we nominate and select six undergraduate brothers so that each chapter may come into the gathering with a better idea of who they would like representing them for that year.

Xander Sancrant


Xander Sancrant is a brother of the NC Delta Zeta Colony at East Carolina University, where he studies construction management. He joined the Undergraduate Advisory Council because he believes it is an excellent opportunity to share ideas and collaborate with his fellow brothers across the country. During his tenure, he hopes to enhance the efficiency of the fraternity as a whole and revamp the chapters that he represents.

Jose Ochoa


Jose Ochoa is currently a third-year Computer Science and Engineering student from the CA Alpha Upsilon Chapter at the University of California Merced. He also serves as a delegate for Pi Lambda Phi in the Fraternity and Sorority Council. His motivation for being a part of the Undergraduate Advisory Council stems from his excitement to work with fellow brothers during these tough times; in order to support one another and uphold the values that Pi Lambda Phi.

Joey Oliver


Joey Oliver is a brother of the VA Lambda Kappa Chapter at Roanoke College. He is a junior, majoring in criminal justice with a minor in environmental studies. Joey currently serves his chapter as the Vice-President of Communications (Scribe). As a member of the UAC, he hopes to share his breadth of knowledge on subjects that all chapters can relate to no matter the size and forms of programming that they chose to pursue in the future.

Eli Rines


Eli Rines, from the FL Delta Upsilon chapter at Florida Institute of Technology, is a junior majoring in Applied Behavior Analysis. He also serves as his local chapter’s Social Media Chair and Rush Chair. Eli joined the UAC in hopes of helping to give smaller chapters an equal voice and plans to foster better interchapter communication using the online platforms that came to prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to his work within the fraternity, Eli also serves as both a campus and community leader and is currently a student government senator, resident assistant, undergraduate researcher, and president of the LGBTQ+ allyship organization at Florida Tech.

Zachary Tabachnikoff


Zachary Tabachnikoff is a brother from the FL Epsilon Lambda Colony at Florida State University studying sports management. Zack is a re-founding father of the colony and is currently serving on the executive board as the Vice-President of Alumni Relations. From first-hand experience, Zack has seen what it takes to start a fraternity from an expansion, to a thriving colony and looks forward to assisting his fellow brothers.

Ren Talbert


Ren is from the Alpha Delta new member class of The Ohio State’s OH Alpha Epsilon Colony. He is studying Finance and is regularly employed on political campaigns, and is currently working on a senate race inside his home state of Kentucky. Ren is the captain of Ohio State’s Futsal team and volunteers his spare time to help coach futsal and soccer to kids. He is looking forward to helping influence future Pilams in an impactful way, specifically to help grow small and younger chapters.