Volunteer spotlight: Mike Hunn ’84 – Giving back to Drexel

Mike Hunn ’84 (Drexel) spent a decade volunteering for PA Delta Iota, and found that the rewards of volunteerism far outweigh the investment. A key player in the recolonization of his chapter, he said, “having the opportunity to help my chapter will always be one of the most fulfilling aspects of volunteering.”

His experience convinced him that Pilam alumni should do whatever they can to lend a hand to help their fraternity continue to grow and thrive. 

The rebirth of PA Delta Iota

Since 1965, Drexel University has been a cornerstone of the long-standing Philly Pilam community, but all chapters have their ups and downs. Unfortunately, in the early 2000s, the chapter faced declining membership and eventually folded. 

With a great history and a body of more than 500 alumni, it just made sense to bring PA Delta Iota back to Drexel. There was an opportunity to return to campus in 2015 (the chapter’s 50th anniversary), but the university was leery and rejected the proposal. In 2016, a new proposal was submitted, this time with the resounding support of 15 alumni who personally attended the meeting. The Drexel IFC approved.

Thanks to the recruitment efforts of the IHQ, 27 new members were initiated as the Beta Alpha class in 2017, and in January 2018, the Drexel chapter was officially rechartered. 

Mike said of the challenge, “through years of hard work, cursing and sweating for our chance to be back at Drexel we were awarded the chance to restart thanks to the leadership of IHQ, and the support our alumni and local Pi Lam chapters.”

Mike chose Pilam because they had the “right priorities”

Mike joined Pilam in the fall of 1979. He said, “I wanted to make new friends, and enjoy new experiences while I was in college.”

He found an organization in Pilam that, “wanted to be recognized as the best fraternity on Drexel’s campus.” Mike wanted to be a part of that. When he was recruited he realized Pilam was distinct from other fraternities. “I saw the diversity and the sacrifices made by brothers to be part of our chapter, and realized there is so much to this organization.” 

He continued, “our priorities were in the right order. Pilam always fostered a lifestyle of responsibility to studying, going to class, and building relationships, while remembering to have fun.”

The chapter was highly competitive and successful in academics, on-campus activities, service, and sports. He said, “the chapter had a winner’s mentality.”

His motivation to volunteer?

Mike appreciated what Pilam did for his personal development, saying, “getting involved and being an officer of this great chapter provided me with opportunities to grow and develop my communication and leadership skills.” 

Mike said, “By helping develop stronger undergraduate leaders, along with the other coaches, we have been trying to help them have many more successful years.”

Continuing support for the chapter

Mike and many others continue to offer support and guidance to the Drexel chapter through the IHQ coaching program. 

They are also developing an alumni association to promote contact and communication with the active chapter. They’ve hosted alumni and undergrad get togethers including Founder’s Day celebrations, golf outings, Zoom happy hours, and work days at the chapter house.

Mike passed credit on to numerous volunteers from Drexel and other chapters, who continue to guide their brothers and provide great leadership to the chapter. He recognized others including, “Doug Placek and the current chapter coaches, who have been heavily involved with supporting the chapter. And when we recolonized, Joe Ujobai and Ed Leventhal provided vital financial backing with our bid.”

He said of his own experience, “the most rewarding part has been the relationships I’ve been able to acquire and grow. I have some of the greatest friendships and memories with brothers, fellow students, and campus professionals that I wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for my roles as a member of Pi Lam. Not five years, but a lifetime.”

Mike has more than 30 years of experience in the medical device industry. His background is in manufacturing and engineering. He’s been married to his wife, Michell for 32 years.

Interested in volunteering?

If you’d like to offer your experience to support your chapter or re-establish a chapter on your campus, please email Kris Reiber or schedule an appointment.