The Pi Lambda Phi Foundation receives a gift from unexpected benefactor

Samuel H. Press, who was a pioneer in the direct mail industry in Chicago, passed away in November 2020. He was known as a committed philanthropist who wanted to leave a legacy for charities and organizations that touched his life. Though he had no affiliation with Pi Lambda Phi, he became one of our most generous benefactors.

Pilam family ties

Sam had no children of his own, but was very close with his nephew, Adam Press ’90 (University of Florida), who was like a son to him. After graduating, Adam moved to Chicago to work in the family direct mail and printing business. 

Adam enjoyed sharing his Florida Delta experiences with his uncle saying, “we went to lunch together almost every day and he loved hearing my Pilam stories. We’d talk about everything from the mundane to the ridiculous. He didn’t get to experience fraternity life, and he always seemed to get a big kick out of it.”

Sam really relished their discussions and lived vicariously through Adam’s stories. He would even ask to hear stories a second time, like they were jokes with a great punch line. 

Adam is now the CEO of the company that his uncle started, SHP Services, Inc., named in honor of Samuel H. Press, and continues the Press family legacy.

A bequest to Pi Lambda Phi

When Sam passed away in November 2020, he willed a significant portion of his estate to charities that had meaning to him. 

As the executor of his uncle’s will, Adam was given discretion with the remainder of the estate to support causes of his choosing. He selected some educational and animal welfare charities — causes that he believed honored his uncle’s memory.

Adam also chose the Pi Lambda Phi Educational Foundation. He remembered the discussions he had with his uncle about Pilam and the joy that it brought to him. The Foundation received a very generous bequest of $237,000.

There was one condition though… Adam lost his brother’s pin and asked for a replacement. 

Samuel H. Press was made an honorary brother in the Florida Delta chapter in 2022. Brother Mine Forever.

A huge round of snaps for Brothers Adam and Samuel Press! You contribution will go a long way to helping ensure that future generations of Pi Lambda Phi brothers enjoy the experiences and ideals of our Fraternity.

Would you like to establish a legacy gift?

Bequests are gifts that are made as part of a will or trust. If Pilam has had an impact on your life, please consider establishing a legacy gift to pass on the values of our brotherhood to future generations.

Contact the Educational Foundation for more information.