Statement on Asian American and Asian Pacific Islander Hate

Another senseless attack on people that appears to be rooted in prejudice and discrimination. Please understand though, hate crimes, discrimination, and prejudice against Asian Americans isn’t new. So now what? We recognize that our Pilam Brothers have learned our Creed and its spirit. That our Creed means we believe all people are to be free and equal. That the Creed references freedom implying an elimination of prejudice. But, what does the part of our Creed that says “That it is incumbent upon me to fight for such freedom, even with my life” mean to our members?

Each member’s journey in making sense of, appreciating, and living our Creed is uniquely their own. As such, they make and take that journey at different paces. We understand that when instances of prejudice, discrimination, and hate occur, it’s natural to feel a range of emotions. You’re entitled to your feelings. You’re entitled to say prayers for those impacted by such things. But, if we’re going to ever make a difference, you can’t just feel bad for those who have been discriminated against. You can’t just believe in what our Creed says. You’re going to have to look for ways to live the Creed. To fight for the freedoms of all people. There are many different things you can do. Here’s one example.


Take some time to reflect on our Creed, and then act.