UVA 70th Anniversary

Remembering George Beck’s Legacy – Brothers share their stories

George Beck built relationships that formed the character of Pi Lam. He set high standards, educated undergrads, helped chapters through crisis, supported new chapters and colonies, and built alumni relationships.

Here is a collection of stories contributed by alumni that help to describe what George meant to them and our fraternity.

Trusted advisor, bringer of fun, embodiment of the Creed

David E. Pickeral, JD – UVA

“George and I had a special bond when I was an active in the 1980s because I was also in UVA Naval ROTC. I heard a number of firsthand war stories as well as several good pieces of advice that would serve me well as an officer in the fleet. Over the years when George returned for Homecoming it was always a big event, and George could always be counted upon to contribute – and good beer at that, not the cheap stuff we normally had. Beyond all of the fun and camaraderie George was the living embodiment of The Creed and the value of Pilam to pledges and brothers alike. To say he will never be forgotten as he has left 504 Rugby Road for the Chapter Eternal is an understatement.”

Provider of necessities

Stanley Almoney – Lowell

“When the boiler in our frat house at Mass AE chapter in Lowell, George secured a low interest loan for us to replace our heating system. We had hardly any contact with National until we needed help. George never hesitated to provide us the help we needed, because we were Pi Lam.”

House builder

Bill Frattarola, Jr. – Penn State

“If not for George my chapter, Omega Gamma, would not have a house. He guided us in our purchase and without that guidance, we would not have been able to do so and there would not have been a chapter anymore at Penn State.”

Kicker of butts

James “Cheeks” Good – FIT

“In 1990, I attended the Conclave at FL Delta Tau Chapter in Jacksonville. After having a bit too much fun at the welcome party, I crashed pretty hard on a brother’s floor. In the morning, I was rudely awoken by a few kicks to my backside with a gruff voice saying, ‘Wake up you’re late!’ Not hard kicks, but annoying firm nudges of brotherly love that get your attention. As I meekly protested, ‘who the hell is kicking me?’ He responded, ‘I’m George Beck. Who the hell are you?’ After explaining I was from the colony at Florida Institute of Technology and I was hung over; he proceeded to again tell me, “you’re late. Get your butt down to the meeting area.” As he walked out of the room he continued a conversation with an older Pilam stating how these kids, ‘need to build their stamina.’”

Revered Brother

Johnathon Dooley – UVA

“Brother Beck will always be thought of as a sort of celebrity at VA Omega Alpha and rightly so. A great man, his history and position warranted the utmost respect, though his personality and character made you feel so comfortable, as if you had known him forever.”

Life preserver

Michael Molek – Baldwin Wallace 

“When my chapter was in trouble due to low membership in the mid-80s he stuck by us and helped us recover. Enjoyed his humor and guidance at two conventions.”

Character builder

Ben Koczab – Siena Heights 

“His words spoke to me and reached me on a different level than what I was ready to take in, but I am telling you everyone, the legitimacy of “DON’T QUIT” is endless. I encountered many brothers who wanted to walk away (from many chapters). We will all hit bumps and come across barriers, but you need to keep pressing! Legends weren’t made from quitting! Challenge to all actives to show up 100% and play full out!”

Help preserve George’s legacy

Pi Lambda Phi was fortunate to have George serve as Executive Director from 1966 until his retirement in 1992. George held the organization together when the Vietnam War and civil change were closing chapters and other National organizations. As a combat veteran of WWII, George led with an urgency to do your best while appreciating the bonds of brotherhood. How can you help remembering George’s commitment to our brotherhood? Help us endow the George Beck scholarship.