Nineteen undergraduates are awarded $24,500 in scholarships

Thanks to the generous contributions of our alumni, the Educational Foundation was pleased to award $24,500 in scholarships to 19 brothers from 11 different chapters this year.

Pilam scholarships recognize hard work, service to community, and dedication to Fraternity. They are instrumental in helping our undergraduate brothers lessen the financial burden of college. 

Here’s what scholarship recipients had to say…

Anthony Guerrero (Frederick Dobens Scholarship) – Pace University

“As a financially independent student, it has been a challenge at times to be able to afford my necessities and education. I found myself juggling three to four jobs at a time. This scholarship will enable me to continue my education with less of a financial strain.”

Michael Fallon – Ohio State

“I was super excited when I got the call, filled with joy and pride being able to not only represent myself and Ohio State, but the brotherhood of Pi Lambda Phi.”

Michael Taylor (Lt. General Dayton Military Service Scholarship) – West Virginia University 

“Pilam as well as the Army has been a huge part of my educational journey here at WVU. It feels amazing that those two worlds collided in order for me to receive this scholarship.”

Matthew Conde – Florida Institute of Technology

“It’s an incredible feeling knowing that alumni across the nation are contributing to my education.” 

Congratulations to our 2024 Scholarship Recipients

Unless otherwise noted, scholarships are granted from the Educational Foundation general fund.

Thomas Barlow (Indiana Scholarship)
Peter Miller (Indiana Scholarship)

Vincent Cariello
Arkar Htoo
Ethan Soublin-Rodrigues (Drexel Scholarship)

Matthew Conde
Nicholas Copp
Ryan Fox

Christopher Newport
Jay Doran
Gabe Snyder

Ohio State
Michael Fallon

Joe Green

Anthony Guerrero (Fred Dobens Scholarship)

Benjamin Marquis
Nathan Patterson

Dominic Richmond (Alan Silverman Scholarship)

Michael Taylor (General Dayton Scholarship)
Sam Zaloudek (George Beck Scholarship)

Trey Wilhoit (Stan Klunder Scholarship)

Thank you to alumni who generously contributed to the Educational Foundation!

Your contributions enable the Educational Foundation to continue supporting our undergraduate brothers in their pursuit of higher education.

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