Nick Hoffman – Stylin’ young entrepreneur

Nick Hoffman ’23 (East Carolina) has designs on a future in the apparel design industry. As an undergrad he embraced his entrepreneurial spirit by starting his own clothing brand called “Untitled Apparel.”

Dressing for success

Nick had an early interest in style and fashion, and as an economics major he also wanted to earn. He turned his interests and his awareness of what people were wearing into a money-making opportunity saying, “I used to resell luxury shoes and sneakers until I thought, why not just make my own brand.”  

Cutting a path for himself

While carrying a full course load in college, Nick began creating designs for a unique clothing line he would call, Untitled Apparel. 

The name “Untitled” came from the default name for a new folder created on a computer. It was a blank canvas waiting for creativity and significance. He said, “the meaning behind it was for those who strive to create a path for themselves in life.”

Nick described his vision as, “Untitled Apparel is more than just a clothing brand — it is a symbol of resilience, creativity, and the journey to self-discovery. We cater to those who are not afraid to venture into the unknown, paving their own way with confidence. Just like a blank canvas awaits an artist.”

Nick hopes to stand out in a crowded industry with his unique “street wear” designs, targeting the Gen Z crowd. His designs are exclusive, short run and mostly unisex. He wants to thrive by standing out.

Untitled Apparel has been invited to several fashion shows with designers from all around the country. They recently showcased their line at Inclusion Fest in Charlotte in December 2023, and New York Fashion Week in February 2024.

Tailored support from Pilam brothers

Despite having some initial misgivings about fraternities, Nick said, “Joining Pilam was the best decision I made in my college career. My fraternal experience greatly impacted and cultivated my desire to launch my own brand.”

Nick found support within the Pilam network, interning for Greek apparel company Fratty Bear, owned by Jose Solorzano ’20 (Cal Berkeley).

His ECU brother Cole Miller, a professional model, opened the door for Nick to get his brand invited to fashion shows.

In 5 to 10 years Nick’s goal is to go retail and produce his own clothes. He also hopes his story inspires and shines a spotlight on the other entrepreneurs within our fraternity.