Meet Kris Reiber – The point man for energizing alumni

Kris Reiber ’05 (Baldwin Wallace) is the Director of Alumni Relations, a new position created by Pi Lambda Phi to focus on alumni, a group that Kris calls, “our largest and most important audience.”

He has high hopes to build a program that supports a lasting culture of alumni engagement, undergrad collaboration, networking, and open communication.

Gary Sanders, President of the Educational Foundation said, “We’re fortunate to have Kris and his passion for making meaningful connections with alumni. Kris brings his experience to demonstrate an investment in our alumni.”

Inspired by his experiences

A new member in 2003, Kris and his chapter soon faced a crisis that lead to a university suspension and an uncertain future. The chapter went through a reorganization and Kris was one of only four members who remained. Instead of calling it quits, the chapter persisted. 

The BW alumni mobilized to organize, offer advice, and raise expectations. And thanks to their dedicated support, the chapter made an unlikely comeback. They quadrupled their numbers in one semester, and four years later they had 69 brothers.

Kris never forgot the role the alumni played, nor the investment they made. It led him to dedicating his own time. He said, “I wanted to be the alumnus that I needed when I was an undergrad.”

Determined to pay it forward, Kris served five years as the BW chapter advisor, and later as an IEC Councilman and Alumni Committee Chair. 

Goals for alumni relations

Kris has a number of initiatives to support alumni and help them to pass knowledge to new generations, “Not Four Years, But a Lifetime.”

Chapter Coaching

Chapters with strong mentors and an organized, monitored and measured coaching program perform better. Kris will monitor the program and provide support to the alumni volunteers who offer their invaluable experience and guidance. 

Improving communications with alumni

Alumni want to know that the legacy that they left in college is in good health. Kris is encouraging undergrads to host alumni events and post regular communications so alumni won’t have to ask, “how’s my chapter doing?” 

Bringing alumni together

With the support of local alumni, Kris has been organizing a number of regional alumni events (e.g. golf outings, anniversaries, sporting events) to bring Pilam brothers together with chapters that they probably road-tripped to as undergrads. 

Supporting and establishing local alumni associations

Kris will make himself available to support local alumni associations. He will also try to establish new associations with alumni that have an interest, or rejuvenate those that are no longer active.

Excited to be supporting alumni

Kris is passionate about his mission to enhance alumni relations and energize alumni who want to give back. 

He said, “this is an organization that wants our members to leave Pilam better than they found it. Passing the lamp of knowledge relies on alumni, and continual re-engagement allows it to continue to grow and thrive.”

Kris married his college sweetheart, Mallory, and is a father of two. He’s always trying to learn something new, currently exploring long boarding and learning American Sign Language with his kids. He has a passion for travel, and his Cincinnati Bengals.

Need support for your organization?

Would like to connect with Kris or become a volunteer? Please email Kris Reiber or schedule an appointment.