Make a difference. Become a Chapter Coach.

If Pilam helped you to develop as a person and a leader, you can help pass those qualities on to the next generation of brothers by becoming a Chapter Coach. Volunteering is one of the best ways to give back to Pilam and embody our motto, “Not Four Years, but a Lifetime.”

Chapter coaching is a rewarding way to support Pi Lambda Phi by developing undergraduate leaders, creating strong chapters, and ensuring chapter longevity. It looks good on a resume as a volunteer opportunity, and the experience can help you to develop the undergrads while challenging yourself.

“The main reason I continue to be a Chapter Coach and volunteer my time is because it provides a natural sense of accomplishment resulting in a positive view of my life and goals.

I encourage others to volunteer to keep people moving and thinking. Gaining skills and nurturing new and existing relationships will improve your confidence by providing a sense of purpose.”

– Mike Hunn ’84 Drexel

How coaches can help

Think of it as mentoring. Coaches are paired with undergraduate officers to provide guidance, help establish and meet goals, resolve challenges, and support the growth of the student and the Chapter. 

Unlike the “chapter advisor” model, where a single alumni was the sole source of alumni support, multiple coaches serve on a Chapter Coaches Board. This allows each coach to focus on one operational area instead of being overwhelmed. This distribution of responsibility also means less of a time commitment, making it easier to fit into a busy schedule.

In addition to their own leadership, organizational, and professional experience, coaches can rely on an IHQ “gameplan” and online training to help bring them up to speed on current standards. 

“When I took on this role, I thought I’d be able to help coach these young men on career, leadership, and life advice that I wish I had known when I was their age.

What I’ve come to realize is that I may be learning more from them, which is why this has been a rewarding experience. I’m looking forward to watching the current group of brothers continue on to greater things, while they pass on the torch to future Pilams.”

– Ron Jenkins ’07 Temple

Serve your chapter, or one in need

A volunteer can serve his own chapter or another chapter in need of coaching. In fact, having coaches from different chapters can be a productive model because everyone brings “what worked well at their chapters” to the table.

It’s OK if you are not physically close to the chapter you advise, since communications and activities can be handled online.

“I was very involved with Pi Lam during my undergrad and subsequent years. But with several moves and some life changes, I drifted away. When I saw a request from the IHQ for new coaches, I leapt at the opportunity.

It was a quick and simple process. They even challenged me to take on a different chapter (Ohio State). It’s been a very fulfilling experience and even though I wasn’t local, technology like Zoom and FaceTime makes it easy to connect with the undergrads.”

– Rob Kairis ’07 Florida

Interested in volunteering? 

If you would like to coach the next generation of Pilam brothers and help to ensure the longevity of the fraternity, we have a number of open opportunities.

Please call 203-740-1044, email us, or submit your information and we’ll contact you.