Lehigh University welcomes Pi Lambda Phi back “on the hill” 

Pi Lambda Phi is returning to Lehigh University spring 2024! In a highly competitive selection process, Pilam demonstrated to the university that it was the most viable and qualified fraternal organization to become part of the Lehigh community.

According to Lehigh university news, The Brown and White, “Pi Lambda Phi was specifically chosen for Lehigh because of its programs regarding emotional intelligence and leadership development.”

Lehigh was targeted by Pilam for expansion

Lehigh has been on the IHQ expansion radar for many years as a priority due to active and engaged Pilam alumni, and a supportive university with strong Greek life. Pilam has a long and proud history at Lehigh, being founded in 1920 and active for more than 75 years.

When Lehigh found that a number of students consistently rushed fraternities and either failed to receive a bid or refused bids for the past few years, they invited fraternities to present proposals to join the Greek community.

The power of the pitch

Pilam put its best foot forward with a comprehensive written proposal including numerous references from universities where we’ve recently expanded. Then Pilam wowed with the live presentation. 

Lehigh felt our presence. Sean McCann, an executive member of the IFC, said “Pi Lambda Phi showed up with the most alumni that we had seen out of the five presentations. Their presentation demonstrated that there are people nationally and locally that want to facilitate a positive Greek experience.”

Lehigh alumni support is strong

The alumni have been highly supportive of the return to the hill, providing networking, structure, financial backing and endorsements.

PA Lambda alumni have never lost the faith. Thanks to brothers like Pete Sanquini ’82, David Osterman ’85, and Steve Hazlett ’77, Lehigh brothers have kept in touch through alumni get-togethers and football tailgates.

In addition to a document signed by a host of brothers in support of the return, several other influential alumni sent letters to the university.

“We are trying to to build productive members of society… reinstating Pi Lam on the hill will help promote the ideals and build the social fabric that is so important to our school and its overall mission.”

– Vincent Volpe ’80

“I know that the Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity that I was part of from 1971 to 1974 had a profoundly positive impact on the five decades of my life afterwards.”

– Stephen Rituper ’74

Building the next generation

Pilam made a “boots on the ground” commitment to Lehigh. Recruitment for new members will begin spring 2024 with two full-time chapter expansion coordinators who are currently on campus talking to student groups, administrators, and pursuing referrals and legacies. One of the coordinators will stay on campus for the whole year.

As an added benefit, Lehigh owns and provides housing for fraternities. Once the spring new member class is recruited, they’ll be able to move into an available fraternity house.

Welcome home, PA Lambda!