Lee Salz: Powerlifting Your Sales

Lee Salz ’92 is a sales management strategist, best-selling author, and weightlifting enthusiast who credits many of his influences and successes to his experiences in Pilam. Sell Different!, his latest book on “powerlifting” your sales is currently available on amazon.com.

A Pilam Founding Father at Binghamton University, Salz learned to appreciate people from all different backgrounds that he probably would not have had the opportunity to experience if not for Pilam.

As IFC President, he had to manage personalities and competing Fraternities, “that fundamentally didn’t like each other but had to work together or there would be no Greek system.” He said he “learned more about sales, management, and leadership in the Greek system than I did in any class.”

Lee’s drive to succeed

Since 2000, Salz has been putting his muscle where his mouth is in powerlifting competitions. But in 2018, he suffered a serious setback, a ruptured triceps muscle. As you might expect, he was determined to make a comeback saying, “I’m not one of those people you tell ‘you can’t do it.’”

In 2021, he returned to the competition and won first place in the Minnesota State bench press championships. Lee brings that commitment and determination to his consulting clients and keynote audiences.

Sell Different!: What’s in his latest book?

Self-admittedly, Salz was not a fan of reading a lot in college and still isn’t. That’s why his promise to readers is that he wouldn’t write a book that he wouldn’t read himself. Hard to argue when he has already written five Amazon best sellers and Sell Different!, in August 2021, was the #1 new sales book on Amazon.

Sell Different! is for sales professionals, executives, and business owners, no matter what they’re selling. It is chock full of lessons, stories and strategies to help them “outsmart, outmaneuver, and the outsell the competition.”

Key chapters include:

• Your toughest competitor is not who you think it is
• Finding more of your best clients
• Making your sales life easier and more lucrative
• Harnessing the power of virtual selling
• Critical person needed to win more deals at the prices you want

Learn more about Sell Different! and purchase it on Amazon.

You can learn more about Lee or contact him at SalesArchitects.com.


Article written by Shawn Mahoney (Temple University, ’92)