Jackson Boisvert – Leading Courageously as FSU Student Body President

Jackson Boisvert was recently elected Student Body President at Florida State, carried to victory by a strong campaign and a commitment to build an environment where students feel empowered to reach their full potential.

As President he’ll be tasked with managing the Executive Branch of Student Government Administration as well as serving on the University Board of Trustees. 

What a leader can do 

Jackson was recently sworn in after building a campaign based on tangible ways that students can make change. His election is impressive considering that many undergrads are unclear about what the student government does.

In Florida, student governments can wield significant financial responsibility. State law mandates a “per credit” fee to the student government for events and services, and student governments are tasked with making budget recommendations. At FSU the 2024 budget will likely be in excess of $15 million. That’s no small change.

Jackson takes these responsibilities very seriously and proposed initiatives that include simplified procedures to cut red tape, improved student safety on campus, offer mental health support, and provide student health discounts.

Pilam provided a sense of belonging

Jackson said of fraternities, “If you asked me if I wanted to join a fraternity before college, I would have ‘made a face.’ But I met a few Pilam brothers in classes, and as I got to know them, they made me feel comfortable joining the Greek community. I found they were second to none.”

“The brothers were a diverse group, and I always valued diversity. The Creed really reinforced that. Pilam has been a core part of my college experience. I’ve had a real sense of belonging, and I know the connections I’ve made will be lifelong.”

The path to leadership

Jackson got involved in fraternity leadership early on at FSU. As a freshman, he became the Director of Program Logistics for the Interfraternity Council. He continued his rise in the IFC and was later elected as Executive VP, and then President of the IFC.

As a part of the FSU Social Science Scholars program, Jackson was selected for an internship in the office of a US Senator where he worked on constituent relations. He said answering the concerns of Florida citizens, “was a formative experience.”

Future aspirations

Jackson looks forward to his presidency, and hopes to gain valuable experience working with others to make positive change. He sees a future working with advocacy groups and plans to attend law school.