Tim McGinley

How a recent grad reinvested in his education over a grande mocha – Tim McGinley ’13

After graduating with a medical engineering degree, Tim McGinley (Temple ’13) found gainful employment, but after a few years that changed in the wake of Covid. His employer, like other companies that did not adapt well to the pandemic environment cut his hours, but expected the same results. 

Tim decided to leave his job and solely focus on school. He said, “as terrible as it was, Covid gave me the opportunity to reinvest in myself.”

I’ll have a grande hot, double tall, non fat, no whip mocha… and a job. 

Tim enrolled at Drexel to pursue his masters, but initially struggled without financial aid or a co-op position, which were very limited due to Covid. He said, “Being unemployed with no student aid, really put a perspective on what was a priority and what was a commodity.” He took it all in stride, seeking silver linings.

Ironically, he found one at Starbucks. 

While stopping for coffee in Villanova, Tim started a casual conversation with an individual who ironically happened to be finishing a design for a medical device company. “After an hour or so he handed me his card and said if I was interested in work to give him a call. I had just had a conversation with the CEO of a design company specializing in startup medical devices. I had the job a week later.”

Is there a doctor in the house?

While working as a consultant for his new-found coffee compadre, Tim was busily pursuing his Master of Sciences in Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Business at Drexel, which he recently received in 2022. 

During his post-graduate work, Tim was recognized by two of his professors who recommended him for the PhD program in Biomedical Engineering. Even better, everything was paid for and he received a stipend. The education gravy train was paying off.

Tim is on track to be Dr. McGinley in 2025.

How Pilam influenced his future

Through Pilam, Tim developed a stronger sense of how to manage things and address priorities. He built better communication skills and the ability to read people. He was inspired by the Kovner quote and found the spirit could be applied to many organizations and remain true. 

Why Pilam?

Pilam Temple had a reputation as the “animal house” where all walks of life came together. Tim found everyone approachable, and almost immediately felt like he knew the guys for years. “I found myself more comfortable than any of the other groups I was a part of.”

A Pilam Scholarship helped

As an engineering major, Tim found one of the well-kept secrets of the Temple financial aid treasure hunt. Temple alumni, Eli Hoffman ’59, established a scholarship for Temple engineering students funded by the Jaqua Foundation. Tim and three other Temple engineering undergrads received Jaqua scholarships in 2013.

Not all books and science

Tim recalled his time at Pilam as, “never a dull moment.” There was always something going on. He remembers constant laughter, intramurals, block cleanups, Broad Street runs, and brother Josh Levy wearing a cat suit for Boo at the Zoo (as well as other potentially awkward times). Tim misses the roof at 1520 N 17th (the old house), deck sessions, after parties, and road trips to Shady Maple buffet.

Article written by Shawn Mahoney (Temple University, ’92)