Executive Director Lowe Statement on Recent Events


I am deeply saddened and so very bothered by the incidents of discrimination we’ve seen recently in this country. In the country that we ought to have, there should be no place for discrimination. My heart is with and my mind is focused on those impacted by these recent events. I encourage all Pilam members to take time to reflect on our Creed and what it means to you. Each member’s personal journey with our Creed is different and it is uniquely their own, but I suspect after reading the Creed again, you will find it is as relevant today as it was 125 years ago.

The Creed’s continued relevance brings many thoughts and feelings to me. Sadness and frustration that we still are battling some of the same problems our Founders experienced. Acknowledgment that because there is work to be done, the Creed does remain relevant and important. Encouragement that because our Founders – and countless members that came after them – pledged this Creed throughout our 125-year history, we should feel empowered and supported to keep advocating for and advancing this Creed. Pi Lambda Phi remains dedicated to this Creed. Our Headquarters, International Executive Council, and our Educational Foundation are all here to support our members however we can.

I ask our members to use this time to first reflect on what our Creed means to them, and to then consider how they may be able to continually live the Creed in a time when its ideals are as needed as ever.

Most Fraternally,