Eric White – Mic’d up and sounding off

In an era of digital dominance, Eric White ’17 (Temple) is out to prove that video hasn’t killed the radio star. A radio disc jockey with 101.3 KDWB, the twin cities #1 hit music station, Eric has been amplifying his personality on the mic and sounding off for Minneapolis and Saint Paul since 2020.

His path to the airwaves

Eric was a Journalism major with a focus on photography, but he found himself pulled down a different path when made friends at Temple’s student-run radio channel, WHIP.

Eric became more involved at the student radio station, and as a natural talker and story-teller, he became an on-air talent and eventually the station manager. 

He always felt comfortable behind the mic and It became his passion. That lead to internships with Philly’s iconic rock station WMMR 93.3, and an alternative rock station, WRFF 104.5. 

But he knew he’d have to leave his hometown to find on-air opportunities, and after graduating, he found one in Minnesota.

Building an audience in the digital era

Eric understood that, “radio is so different than what it was when I was in college. So much of what you do revolves around your social media.” 

To build a base, Eric knew he’d have to connect with his Midwestern listeners. He said the people there have similarities with Philly folks, “It takes a while for them to get accustomed for you and accept you.” 

Eric jumped in with two feet all while recording on an iPhone, winning over the community by posting videos on TikTok and Instagram that embrace the Minnesota way of life.

Admittedly he found the long winters a challenge saying, “nothing prepares you for a minus 30 degree winter.” But to warm up to the listeners he started posting videos about his attempts at extreme sledding, polar plunging, and yes, shirtless snow angels.

He also dove into the local cuisine which wasn’t exactly chia seeds and sprouts. Rating food as “gas or pass,” he tried deep fried cookie dough, corn dogs, a BBQ double burger with pork belly, and pickle pizza among other state fair foods that may require an angioplasty.

Hopefully his next stunt will not be inspired by the regrettable WKRP (in Cincinnatti) Thanksgiving turkey drop.

His strategy seems to be working as his local success in the twin cities lead to his syndication to Top 40 stations across the states. 

The Pilam influence

Eric joked that, “many of the stories I shared on the radio at Temple came from Pilam, but that might not be what the IHQ wants to hear.”

Eric said he wasn’t immediately sold on joining a fraternity, admitting, “I didn’t show up for most of the Rush week activities.” But when he met more brothers, he got the feeling that PA Alpha Delta was a fraternity for people who didn’t want to join a frat. He said, “It felt like a place where people were just friends.” 

When he learned more about the mission and the creed during new member education, it reaffirmed his choice. Eric learned discipline and leadership through serving on committees and the executive board. He served as Fundraiser, Social Chair, Prolocutor, Scribe, and on the J-Board.

He said his favorite memories of Pilam were, “those times where we didn’t have a plan and we just hung out.”

A broadcast for the future

Asked about what’s ahead, Eric said, “I’m doing what I love, but I’d love to do mornings,” the sweet spot of radio broadcasting.

In Minnesota, Eric met his soulmate. He’s scheduled to be married to his fiancé, Elise, in September and his brothers will be in his wedding party.