Chapter News – January 2023

Check out the latest chapter news and highlights. Featured: VA Tech, Cal Berkeley, FSU, Pitt, FIT, RPI, Drexel, U of Florida, Temple, Christopher Newport, UVA, and Hofstra.

VA Tech – Sweethearts a plenty

Wished everyone a Happy New Years with some help from a bevy of Pilam sweethearts.

Cal Berkeley – Rushing with authority

Pumping up RUSH! #PumpItUp

FSU – Winter Break

Escaped the Florida heat to chill out.

Pitt – Rushing with a Shark

Baited their hooks with a Pilam celeb! Sadly he came off a little flat.

FIT – Revved up a Car Show

Held a Pilam Car Show… apparently with one car. But it was a really boss car. #TruthinAdvertising

RPI – Sand the Floor

Learned “sand the floor” after “wax on, wax off.” They gave Miyagi-Do Self-Sanding a 5-star rating on Yahoo!

Drexel – Nurturing Environmental Justice

Hosted an Elimination of Prejudice seminar addressing the unfair exposure of poor and marginalized communities.

U of Florida – “We’re Back”

Sent a press release regarding their Spring plans.

Temple – Best of 2022

Summed up 2022: lots of philanthropy, Philly sports, and the dubious accomplishment of zero composites stolen. 

Christopher Newport – Winter Break

Enjoyed the cold weather break exchanging gifts, seeing the lights, dressing to the nines, and freezing a ‘stache.

UVA – 2022 Year in Review

Popped corks, jammed out, and celebrated 90 years. Year in review. 

Hofstra – Reflections of how 2022 used to be

Learned new hand gestures, saw ball games, had parties, and did yard work. 

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