Chapter News – August 2022

Check out some of the latest news shared by Pilam chapters on social media. Featured: WVU, Bloomsburg, Adelphi, Baldwin Wallace, Ohio State, Grand Valley, UW Madison, Cincinnati, East Carolina, Roanoke, and VCU. 

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WVU – We’re gonna need a smaller boat

Spent the summer hunting Baby Shark, the lesser known cousin of Jaws. And did some other stuff too.

Baldwin Wallace – Retreat!

Faced challenges head-on at a brotherhood retreat. No, they did not “bravely run away,” like Sir Robin.

Bloomsburg – Not Fore Years

Hosted their second annual alumni golf outing. So they got that goin’ for them, which is nice.

Ohio State – Earned their keep in summer internships

“The first day of summer vacation, I woke up. Then I went downtown to look for a job…”

Grand Valley – Part of the family

“Adopted” by the Yates family and welcomed to their neighborhood luau.

Adelphi – Monumental trip

Stopped to admire the stature of the Washington Monument.

UW Madison – Life’s a beach

Found that beach bumming suits them just fine.

Cincinnati – Engineering your Honda

Co-oped at Honda this summer, so if your Accord doesn’t start, you know who to call.

East Carolina – Globetrotting

Visited exotic places… like Cozumel, the Dominican Republic, and Tennessee.

Roanoke – Summer pursuits

Hiked, holed out, wakeboarded, journeyed, and supported the team.

VCU – Discovered More

Volunteered at the Explore More Discovery Museum.

Convention-goers at #Pilamcon22 

Frostburg – Had a flipppin’ good time

Florida State – Mugged with a heavy lifter

Shippensburg – Rubbed elbows with Pilam giants

Bloomsburg – Made it rain… with awards

Temple – Repped with a state rep

Roanoke – Took home the Rafer Johnson Award

East Carolina – Scored some kudos

Hofstra – Voted “best manualists”

WVU – Earned Fraternalism and Scholarship awards

Baldwin Wallace – “Inspired”

Eastern Washington – “Invaluable learning experience”

Virgina Tech – Learned new ways to lead

UW Madison – Made connections

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