Back in the Big-10: Ohio State Chartered

Pilam has returned to another major conference in a “Big” way. Our IHQ staff re-established an Ohio State chapter in Fall 2018 and the brothers completed their chartering ceremony this past Fall. They join our Wisconsin, PSU, Indiana, and our Purdue chapters in the Big 10. The chapter, OH Alpha Epsilon, has already exceeded 100 active undergraduate members.


Pilam first started at OSU in 1927 (as part of the merged Phi Beta Delta Fraternity). We merged—again—with Beta Sigma Tau in 1960. However, no Pilam chapter existed at OSU since the 70s. With a petition to the school, Pilam was approved to restart and help change OSU’s culture at a difficult time in 2018—after all fraternities were suspended pending hazing investigations into 11 of them the previous year. We are proud to say the culture is changing!

Using a Scholarship to Drive Results

The brothers have targeted the smartest, highest-achieving students as members. One of their secrets to success has been the early and successful marketing of their Scholarships to meet and befriend like-minded freshmen and Dean’s List students. The results have been extraordinary!

They have 101 active brothers entering Spring 2022 and earned the highest GPA of all fraternities in both Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. The brothers currently sport a 3.54 cum. GPA and have won major awards every year. Those include Outstanding University Engagement in 2020, and three more for Outstanding Service, Inclusive Excellence (Elimination of Prejudice Week), and Academic Development in 2021.

During COVID, they found ways to continue serving their community, like writing Valentine’s Day Postcards to St Jude’s patients and “Letters of Love” to nearby nursing homes, donating over 2200 items to their Food Bank, and leading weekly cleanups of the Olentangy River.

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Launching of an Endowment Fund

Chapter alumni have launched an OH Alpha Epsilon-specific Endowment Fund! The initial goal is to grow the fund to at least $15,000 to provide scholarships and leadership programming specifically for the OSU chapter. They hope to achieve a six-figure endowment within the decade.

We thank those who’ve already given. Brothers can track fund progress via the Pilam Portal. All donations are tax-deductible and specifically earmarked to benefit the Ohio State chapter. Any questions about the fund can be directed toward Alumni and Parents can donate via the button below. Just select “Ohio State Fund” in the Gift Designation section.