Alumni History Project

Share your Stories for the Alumni History Collection Project

Our Fraternity has a rich history, and every brother’s experiences are a big part of that. We’d really like to hear your favorite Pilam memories and stories.

As you may have seen in recent communications, Pi Lambda Phi partnered with a vendor to capture unique stories about the history of our alumni and their chapters and update alumni information.

We need your help to record our history. This opportunity will end in July.

Call today to set up a time to share your story: 1-855-376-0576!

What questions will you be asked?
Here are the basic questions you can expect, but you’re welcome to talk about other things, and embellish as much as you’d like. This is your story.

1. What inspired you to join Pilam?
2. Tell me about your time with Pilam.
⁃ Alumni are talking about achievements, lifelong friendships, fellow alumni who were an influence on their life, memorable traditions, events, and other fun occasions.
3. How has Pilam impacted your career, relationships, life after graduation?
4. What does Pilam mean to you?
⁃ When you think about your time with Pilam, what makes you smile?

Please share your stories
If you haven’t already, please block out some time and call to share your brotherhood journey. Share your memories and the story of your chapter.

The vendor, Publishing Concepts, will assemble select stories which will be offered as part of the Pilam fraternity experience through the years. You do not have to purchase anything to share your stories.

Call today to set up a time to share your story: 1-855-376-0576!