Alumni History Collection Project

Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity has launched a comprehensive alumni data verification and history collection project in partnership with Publishing Concepts (a.k.a. PCI). More about PCI can be found at the bottom.

This project had two objectives. 1) to ensure up to date alumni information and 2) to capture unique stories about the history of our alumni and their chapters.

Updated information

Up-to-date information is essential to keeping you connected with the rich traditions and the proud history of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity.

Historical Stories

There are so many meaningful stories about local chapter histories that we just don’t have access to yet. This initiative enables alumni to share the history and stories from their time. Those can then be transcribed and stored for posterity both at a national and local chapter level.  

Next Steps

We’ve assembled the information currently listed in our alumni files and now need the help of our alumni to confirm the accuracy of their data and fill in any information gaps.

You will have received an invitation via email or hard copy mail to call and verify that information. Please call 1-855-376-0579 (toll free) to verify information.

During that call, you’ll also be able to share any of your Pilam stories. Select stories will then be memorialized as part of the fraternity experience through the years.

Please call to verify your data and share your story!

Additional FAQs?

Check out this page of additional likely questions you may have.

About Publishing Concepts – PCI

Publishing Concepts – PCI is a Dallas, Texas-based publishing company that specializes in producing alumni directories for some of the nation’s top colleges and universities. Publishing Concepts also offers technology-focused services in the areas of data collection and fundraising to help a range of organizations–such as alumni associations, sororities, fraternities, and independent schools–“drive engagement and maximize contributions.”

PCI traces its history back to 1921 when it was established as the first alumni directory publishing company in the United States. Operating under the motto “not the big company,” Publishing Concepts is currently headed by President and CEO Drew Clancy, a third-generation leader of this family-run business.

PCI has received numerous awards and accolades since its inception, including being named the “Number One Mid-Sized Company in the State of Texas” by the Texas Association of Businesses.