$24,500 in Scholarships awarded by the Educational Foundation in 2023

Thanks to the generous contributions of our alumni, the Educational Foundation was pleased to award $24,500 in scholarships to 17 brothers from 10 different chapters this year.

Pilam scholarships recognize hard work, service to community, and dedication to Fraternity. They are instrumental in helping our undergraduate brothers lessen the financial burden of college. 

Here’s what scholarship recipients had to say…

Alex Proels, OSU
“I am deeply committed to the values and goals of our organization, but the one that carries the most significance for me is having the courage to follow one’s convictions. It means the world to me that our brothers of such high character and that our gracious donors have showed their continuous support.”

Gabriel Helper (General Dayton Scholarship), WVU

Edward Rosario Arriaga, Cal Berkeley
“As a first-generation student there are significant financial barriers in pursuing higher education, but the generous assistance from donors allows me to continue my studies at the University of California, Berkeley without financial burden. It is so encouraging to be a part of a brotherhood which continuously supports and gives back to its active members, and I can’t wait to do the same as an alumnus.”

Dayton Barker (Alan Silverman Scholarship), UVA

Julian Cruz (Hal Gaba Scholarship), Christopher Newport
“This scholarship means more than just money. For me, it is about being a well developed person, creating a communal bond with music. This scholarship will enhance the opportunities that I have to develop music individually and with others.”

Congratulations to our 2023 Scholarship Recipients

Unless otherwise noted, scholarships are granted from the Educational Foundation general fund.

Inri Colo
Joe Sawma

Cal Berkeley
Edward Arriaga

Christopher Newport
Julian Cruz (Hal Gaba Scholarship)

Vincent Cariello
Ben Harnwell (Drexel Scholarship)

Noah David Rouse

Tyler Redding
Nathan Schoffstal (Fred Dobens Scholarship)

Nico Adajar
Thomas Barlow

Ohio State
Dylen Jacob
Alexander Proels (George Beck Scholarship)

Cole Dillaplain
Dayton Barker (Alan Silverman Scholarship)

West Virginia
Alex Pfeffer (Stan Klunder Scholarship)
Gabriel Hepler (General Dayton Scholarship)

Thank you to alumni who generously contributed!

Your contributions enable the Educational Foundation to continue supporting our undergraduate brothers in their pursuit of higher education.

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