Rafer Johnson-Upsilon Achievement Award Recipients

RAFER JOHNSONRecognizes an undergraduate Brother who nearly exemplifies the outstanding qualities of Brother and Olympian Rafer Johnson in the areas of athletics, scholarship, and service to the community, college, and Fraternity. Rafer was initiated in 1956 into our CA Upsilon chapter at UCLA. As an undergrad he served as Marshal, President of the student Government, and most notably, competed on the UCLA Track and Field team before qualifying for the 1956 and 1960 U.S. Olympic teams. At the 1960 Rome Olypmics, Rafer won the gold medal in the decathlon. In recognition of his contributions and great success, the Rafer Johnson-Upsilon Achievement Award was first awarded in 1959.


1959 Rudy LaRusso NH Pi
1960 Joel S. Wachs CA Upsilon
1961 Stephen D. Gardner FL Delta
1963 Robert Linzner PA Alpha Delta
1964 Robert H. Rosenfield WI Omega
1965 Paul J. Bernstein VA Psi
1966 Jerry J. Goldstein CA Tau
1967 Bruce W. Wynn MO Pi
1968 Warren H. Schonfeld NC Omega Beta
1969 Donn T. Wonnell VA Psi
1970 Glen Konet OH Beta Tau
1971 Arthur B. Spitzer NY Delta
1973 Dwayne Weissman NY Phi Lambda
1974 Robert D. Klausner FL Delta
1975 John C. Everett MA Theta
1976 H. Rodstein FL Delta
1977 James Meunier MA Kappa Nu
1978 Richard J. DaFonte FL Delta
1979 Peter D. Fleischmann FL Delta
1980 Scott A. Walode VA Psi
1981 Jay L. Napoleon MA Theta
1982 George W. Bourne, IV MA Alpha Epsilon
1983 Jon I. Wilson FL Delta
1984 Douglas A. Cohen FL Delta
1985 Marc S. Brenner IL Tau Delta
1986 Michael E. Johnson CA Tau
1987 Joseph Trautwein PA Alpha Delta
1988 Paul J. Hirsch IL Tau Delta
1989 Richard A. Ehrenberg WI Omega
1990 David T. Rubin IL Tau Delta
1991 Matthew Fitzpatrick VA Omega Alpha
1992 Lawrence Z. Winkelman WI Omega
1993 Jeff Buhler FL Delta
1994 Thomas G. Skeels NC Omega Zeta
1995 James A. Kraus OH Mu
1996 Samuel Hanaki MA Theta
1997 Jonathan Campbell VA Omega Alpha
1998 Ridge Frew MI Alpha Omega
1999 Patrick Martino WI Omega
2000 Patrick Daley NC Epsilon Kappa
2001 Nathan Drunsic VA Omega Alpha
2002 Andrew H. Mangle MD Kappa Chi
2003 Andrew McSwain FL Delta
2004 Amin Nikfar CA Tau
2005 Richard Allen NY Kappa Tau
2006 Benjamin Koczab MI Alpha Omega
2007 Michael Allred FL Delta Upsilon
2007 Ryan Koppes NY Kappa Tau
2008 Ian Lowe OH Beta Tau
2009 Jason Mansfield OH Beta Tau
2010 David Heckathorn OH Beta Tau
2010 Justin Schmidt MA Theta
2011 Jeff Einhaus VA Omicron Zeta
2012 Christopher Fuentes CA Tau
2012 Malcolm Kenyatta PA Alpha Delta
2013 Jose Jimenez CA Tau
2014 Thomas Vaccaro NY Kappa Tau
2015 Danny Griffin PA Kappa Eta
2016 Ben Mitchel FL Delta
2016 Travis Taylor NY Kappa Tau
2017 Thomas Mandel IN Alpha Theta
2018 Tyler Cobian CA Alpha Upsilon
2019 Francisco Flores WA Epsilon Alpha



Matthew Abraham

Charlie Tobin

Hunter Bohon

NY Kappa Tau

FL Epsilon Lambda

VA Lambda Kappa