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Founding Father Testimonials


"For me, Pi Lambda Phi is more than just an organization; it is a way of life. Pi Lambda Phi is a leader in promoting acceptance and tolerance, while also opening minds and assisting their members in becoming well-rounded individuals in the 21st Century. As a Re-Founding Father at NY Phi Lambda, I have been blessed with the opportunities to meet and work with a variety of individuals; while collaborating with fellow brothers on my college campus to ensure that Pi Lambda Phi is the strongest that it can be, it also proved to be quite the introspective journey for myself. I learned about the value of hard work and came to tangible realizations about the meanings behind dedication and persistence.

As a Re-Founding Father and Brother of Pi Lambda Phi, I have been given the chance to meet and work with a variety of like-minded individuals and have also been given the opportunity to enhance my professional networking skills. Most importantly, I have been blessed with the opportunity to provide input on Pilam’s newest initiative: the Elimination of Prejudice and have found that my comments and suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated. Personally, I feel that I am not just number within the overall organization; rather, I am a Brother who is forever personally connected to Pi Lambda Phi.

Not to sound dramatic or cliché, but joining Pi Lambda Phi is truly one of the best things that anyone can do for themselves; doing anything otherwise would be quite the disservice."

Joe Dujmovic ‘11
Adelphi University


"Since 2008, Pi Lambda Phi has come to mean so much more to me than just a fraternity. It's much more than just a group of men who wear the same letters and engage in community service projects for the same philanthropic organizations. Pi Lambda Phi to me means brotherhood, leadership, scholarship, and so much more. I had the opportunity to watch my particular colony, the NY Phi Lambda Colony grow and flourish in my role as a Re-Founding father. We grew from an interest group of 5 guys to now the second largest fraternity on my college campus. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a Founding Father because I have insight into the organization that future brothers will not have. From those interest group meetings, to writing the first governing Constitution, it has been such an amazing experience. I can truly say that I have worked for this fraternity and have been here since the very beginning to recall the struggles, triumphs, and tribulations that we have experienced as an organization in order to get to the wonderful position that we are in today.

Before Pi Lambda Phi, I would not consider myself a leader in any way. I was not involved in high school and when entering college, I planned on flying under the radar as much as possible. However, Pi Lambda Phi changed that whole plan for me. It became impossible for me to fly safely under the radar because I WANTED to represent Pi Lambda Phi and serve the brotherhood in so many different ways. I was elected as my colony's very first Scribe and served in that position for two consecutive terms. I also had my brothers to support me when I won the prestigious honor of Adelphi King 2011-2012. I would not have won this distinction if I did not have a brotherhood behind me who was willing to not only vote for me, but to advocate and support me.

Needless to say, Pi Lambda Phi has completely changed my life. It MADE my college experience what it was. Without it, I would not be in the position that I am in today. After graduating in May 2012, I realized that I will miss Pi Lambda Phi because it has become such an intricate part of who I am as an individual. The Koko Kovner quote really rings true to me today, “Joining a fraternity means nothing. But when you have really worked for it, sweated for it, cursed it, and loved it, as well as the men in it, you have something.” After having sweated, worked, cursed, and loved this fraternity and my brothers, I realize that I have something special, a bond that will never disappear regardless of distance or time apart. I full heartedly encourage my current and future brothers of not just the NY Phi Lambda Colony, but every chapter of Pi Lambda Phi to work for this fraternity and love it as much as you can, because the rewards you will reap are more than what you could ever imagine."

Victor Furtick ‘10
Adelphi University


“Becoming a brother of Pi Lambda Phi at Adelphi University has made my college experience one I will never forget. Like many young men who are interested in joining Greek Life I had my reservation, but I am very glad they did not hold me back. The moment I became involved as a potential founding member of the organization my name was constantly mentioned by university administrators. My association with the other founders who happened to already be big campus names quickly pushed me into their ranks. I quickly became a university leader through all the opportunities presented to be simply because I demonstrated commitment to the organization with the highest GPA requirement, strongest leadership and overall most well liked and respected.

Had I not joined this fraternity I would not have held pretty much every leadership role available on campus, I would not have qualified for the countless number of honor societies or have met the potential employers I now know. My membership with this fraternity has taught me valuable lessons in leadership, responsibility, commitment but most importantly brotherhood. I initially joined Pilam to find the group of trustworthy and loyal friends I long coveted. I helped found my Pilam colony at Adelphi to establish a network of brother for support and a level of friendship few men get to experience, little did I know I would help establish one of my university’s strongest network of campus leader who offer an endless number of opportunities to their new members so that their experience can be better than their own and makes them some of the most well known and liked men on campus.

When you sign a bid at Adelphi, you automatically become associated with the organization and each of its members. This is something I tell all my new members and later my new brothers so that they understand the importance of upholding the name of the respected organization our founder historically and our founder at Adelphi set out to establish. This is something all my brothers have experienced at some point and understand. 

Serving as the President of my colony, soon to be chapter, at Adelphi, I have learned how great this organization is. Every day is another opportunity to make long-lasting memories with my brothers. I feel more prepared now than ever to take a professional step in life. My experience at Adelphi University would have been very different had Pilam not come into my life. It is in this organization that I found the brothers I was searching for. Not one day goes by that I do not credit all of my accomplishments to this organization and the brother and leader it taught me to be through experience.”

Pedro Hipolito ‘10
Adelphi University

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