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Pi Lambda Phi Educational Foundation

Pi Lambda Phi Educational Foundation, Inc.
An IRS Recognized Charitable Foundation


About the Foundation


Originally created in 1938, the Pi Lambda Phi Foundation was founded to provide for the educational and scholarship needs of the undergraduate Brotherhood and Fraternity in general. After a period of inactivity, a new organization was incorporated, which today is The Pi Lambda Phi Educational Foundation. The original mission of nurturing the ideals and traditions created by its founders continues through its sponsorship of scholarship, educational and leadership programs for its undergraduate brothers, as well as the presentation of humanitarian and special achievement awards to non-Pilam individuals.

The Educational Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees and guided by the insights of an Advisory Committee of alumni brothers. Through a variety of carefully guided programs, the Foundation provides undergraduate brothers educational videos and materials on alcohol abuse and date rape; organizes seminars on combating prejudice and hate on various campuses, funds scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study and offers leadership development opportunities.


Educational Foundation Programs

Leadership School

Each year the Educational Foundation has sponsored the JAQUA Leadership School for selected undergraduate brothers. The three-day Leadership School focuses on leadership style and developing effective leadership strategies. First held in 1995, the impact on undergraduate leaders was so significant that the JAQUA Foundation, chaired by Eli Hoffman ’59, PA Alpha Delta, has traditionally provided an annual grant to support this program.

Educational Foundation Scholarships

Recognizing the concerns associated with the rising costs of higher education, the Educational Foundation provides aid to qualifying undergraduate and graduate brothers. Traditionally, the Foundation has awarded General Scholarships to brothers who qualify based upon active fraternity commitment, campus/community involvement, academic achievement and financial need. Currently, the Foundation awards scholarships to qualified undergraduates on an annual basis.

Internship Program

Since its inception in 1993, The Pi Lambda Phi Educational Foundation has sponsored the Summer Internship Programs. The program is designed to give undergraduate brothers the opportunity to learn more about the operational aspects behind the Foundation and Fraternity while at the same time receive training in a number of Fraternity related topics. Participants work six to eight weeks at the International Headquarters as well as offsite during the annual convention week.

Educational Programming

Alcohol and Drug Education

The Pi Lambda Phi Educational Foundation seeks to impact undergraduate members who are affected by the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs on their campuses. In this critical vein, the Foundation has supported and administered - through a trained member of its professional staff - The Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS). To encourage chapters to participate in the program, undergraduate leaders attending the Fraternity’s Spring Regional Conclaves have in the past been TIPS trained.


Additional Programming

During its Annual Convention, Regional Conclaves and other Pilam gatherings, the Educational Foundation has traditionally sponsored the following educational programming:

  • “Friendship in the Age of AIDS”
  • “Hazing on Trial”
  • “Hazing – A Mother’s Perspective” “Professionalism and Etiquette”
  • “Getting Better Grades”
  • “Risk Management and Legal Liability”

In addition to its educational programming, the Educational Foundation has sponsored programs on community involvement, scholarship, professional development and risk management.

Elimination of Prejudice Program

Started at the University of Wisconsin in 1996, the Elimination of Prejudice Program is designed to raise campus and community awareness concerning the problems of prejudice. The Pi Lambda Phi Chapters, in conjunction with their university administrators, at the University of Wisconsin and North Carolina State University, respectively, have organized annual essay contests on eliminating prejudice on the college campus. Selected by a faculty panel, one non-Pilam recipient from each school has been awarded a scholarship from the Educational Foundation. When funding is secured, the Foundation intends to work with additional Pi Lambda Phi Chapters and their campus peers.

Humanitarian Award

Pi Lambda Phi was the first fraternal organization to present a Gold Medal Humanitarian Award to an individual who has gained recognition as an exponent of true Humanitarianism and Brotherhood. Traditionally, at the Fraternity’s annual convention, the Pi Lambda Phi Educational Foundation presents a Humanitarian Award to an individual whom the Foundation recognizes as an outstanding individual who is dedicated to the ideals of Pi Lambda Phi. Recipients of this award include both alumni brothers and noted non-Pilam individuals.

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