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Kovner Corps Volunteer Application Process



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Pi Lams share common bonds and experiences that will link us together our entire lives, like an appreciation for Kovner's Quote. 

The Pi Lambda Phi governing boards are looking for accomplished men willing to accelerate the Fraternity’s Strategic Plan, who understand what it means to work for it, sweat for it, curse it and love it, as well as the men in it …"

Pi Lambda Phi continually needs new volunteers to Eliminate Prejudice and Ensure the Longevity of Pi Lambda Phi by Growing Healthy Chapters Today and Building the Foundation for Our Future. The benefits extrapolate into every alumnus’ life with new and exciting way to celebrate and Live the Creed. In return, your life will be significantly impacted by gaining practical experiences and building meaningful lifelong relationships.

This application requests information about your professional and volunteer experiences for a compressive record of your accomplishments. Submissions must be transmitted in PDF format.


  • Any alumni brother willing to continuing work for it, sweat for it, curse it
  • Considered “in good standing” with their undergraduate chapter, International Headquarters and federal, state and local governments
  • Completed application, background release, resume and video interview

Complete Applications Consist Of:

  • Volunteer Application Form
    • Applicant Information
    • Areas of Expertise / Interest
    • Essay Responses
    • Resume (pdf format only)
    • Background Release Form


Recommended, but Optional

  • Contribution to Current Annual Fund

There is no deadline for volunteer applications, but video interviews need to be completed within 30 days of submitted application.

A completed application, background release and resume are required before granting unique HireVue video interview codes. Video interviews require web cam access. If web cam access is not possible, please indicate at time of application submittal and we will develop with you an alternative. Volunteer applications have no impact on your standing on your standing in the brotherhood, but are merely for volunteer placement.

A representative of the Educational Foundation will contact each volunteer applicant by email, within three business days of complete submittal, and provide a unique HireVue video interview code.    

Once volunteers have completed the application process, a representative of the Educational Foundation will contact each volunteer to schedule and coordinate volunteer projects.

At this time, please submit only one volunteer application regardless of opportunity, international or local. Applications will be considered with the criteria of all of the different volunteer positions in mind. Thus, one application renders the applicant eligible for all available positions.

Apply Now 

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