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2017 Officer Training Conference Schedule

2017 Officer Training Conference Schedule

We will once again be hosting our Officer Training Conferences (OTC) for the chapters and colonies based upon region. Included are details on time, location, what you'll need, and your IHQ point of contact.

Who: Officers of your chapter/colony. As for officer structure, see reminders below to help ensure you have the right structure in place.

  • President (Rex)
  • VP of Education (Archon) - This is the person in charge of New Member Education (previously called the New Member Educator).
  • VP of Programming & Risk Management (Marshal) - This is the person in charge of all programming and the FIPG expert.
  • VP of Recruitment (Prolocutor) - This year-round position is dedicated to managing your chapter's recruitment program.
  • VP of Finance (KOE)
  • VP of Communications (Scribe) - This is the person in charge of not just minutes, but all internal and external communication related topics.

Where: Below is the list of dates and host locations. Beneath the host locations are the visiting chapters/colonies. Please contact your OTC IHQ point of contact (listed below) prior to the event for the specific location on the campus.

When: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

January 21st

  • VA Omicron Zeta (Virginia Tech)
    • NC Omega Zeta, NC Omega Beta, VA Alpha Psi, VA Delta Chi, VA Kappa Lambda, VA Omega Alpha, VA Omicron Zeta, VA Theta Xi
  • IN Alpha Theta (Indiana University - Bloomington)
    • IN Alpha Delta, IN Alpha Theta, IN Epsilon Gamma
January 28th
  • WI Omega (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
    • IA Alpha Phi, WI Chi Upsilon, WI Omega, CN Kappa Kappa
February 4th
  • PA Alpha Delta (Temple University)
    • NY Beta Omicron, MD Kappa Delta, PA Alpha Delta, PA Alpha Gamma, PA Delta Iota, PA Epsilon Zeta, PA Sigma Upsilon, PA Omega Gamma, NY Omicron Rho, PA Phi Sigma
  • OH Beta Tau (Baldwin Wallace University)
    • MD Alpha Omicron, NY Omega Epsilon, OH Beta Tau, MI Delta Beta, MI Alpha Omega, PA Beta Gamma, PA Gamma Sigma

February 11th

  • MA Theta (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    • NJ Alpha Lambda, NY Alpha Pi, NY Alpha Rho, NY Alpha Tau, NY Kappa Tau, NY Phi Lambda, MA Theta
  • CA Tau, CA Alpha Upsilon, FL Delta, FL Delta Upsilon, WA Epsilon Alpha

Why: To provide you with the following:

  • Strategic Plan

  • S.M.A.R.R.T. Goal Planning

  • S.W.O.T. Anaylsis

  • Prioritization

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Team Dynamics

  • Additional Resources

Points of Contact from IHQ Staff

What you need in preparation for the conference:

  • Business casual attire (dress slacks, dress shoes, button down shirt)
  • Laptop, notebook, writing utensil
  • Review your Officer Resources page

We will be providing all those in attendance with lunch and all resources needed for the conference.

Sign-up today to reserve your spot. Click here to register. If you have already registered, you do not need to do so again.

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