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Recruitment Survey Responses - Spring 2012

Recruitment Survey Responses - Spring 2012

Thank you to all the brothers who filled out a recruitment survey within the past few weeks. We received responses from brothers representing 19 different chapters about how each group did this semester. We also received responses from brothers who joined Pi Lambda Phi in Fall 2011 who shared what it was like to join their chapter. We are happy to share some of the results below. You can also check out more responses in a visual display here.

Responses From Undergraduate Brothers Who Joined Before Fall 2011:

What were the most effective ideas, small activities or larger events your chapter used this semester?
• "We conducted a thorough investigation of [our] University to see what areas we could recruit the kind of guys that we were looking for. Throughout the fall semester we engaged in a weekly names list review so that all brothers could see our progress. We constantly used the ideas of closing conversations and really followed the slogan of "people join people...". We would friend all the pnm's prior to introducing them to PiLam. Small lunch and dinner activities and fun times off campus would serve to solidify our bonds as friends which we would offer to the potential members to grow into brotherhood. We have our brothers assume a number of leadership roles on campus including Orientation Leaders (which we now have 5 out of only 10 male OL's), RAs and a number of mentor roles that put us in direct contact with potential members."
• "Lunch one on one with PNM's and explaining the values and purpose of Pi Lambda Phi."
• "The most effective tactic we used as a chapter was spending time with the pnm's not only during recruitment but during the previous semester and outside regular recruitment period"
• Other specific recruitment events mentioned were paintball, cookouts, steak dinner, smoker (cigar night), bonfires, white water rafting, freshmen move in, movie nights, video game nights and pickup sports games.

Did you use any ideas or events that did not work well? Why do you think they didn't work well?
• "Not pre-rushing. We limit ourselves to the number of people we can rush to the people who come through our door."
• "Events which were just used for fun instead of recruiting..."
• "Large night events w/ no guest list sometimes diluted the brotherhood and the true potential rushes"
• Not executing well on a planned event by little accountability on the brothers planning it by the leadership of the chapter.
• Low brotherhood participation.
• Some brothers were not prepared to recruit new members and actually turned some men away from joining Pi Lambda Phi

If you chapter did use a names list, how effective was it? Were all brothers able to access it?
Most chapters that used a names list shared it to some degree. Members of chapters that used a names list and said it was successful mostly had it shared with all members, many in a google document format. For many of the men who said the names list was only partially effective, they mentioned a low participation or accessibility within the general brotherhood.

During your recruitment efforts, what was one challenge you did not expect to deal with and how did you overcome it (either individually or collectively)?
• "I expected everyone who was able to recruit to want to. This was foolish. During the Phired Up presentation in Philadelphia, Josh said "Don't motivate your members to recruit; recruit with your motivated members." I should have heeded those words more closely."
• "I was shocked at the way certain brothers just decided to do nothing, were "unavailable", or just suggested really poor ideas. As a chapter I really steered everyone around these guys and gave people dated assignments to complete. (ex. meet 3 new guys and have 1-2 recruits by xx date.) It seemed deadline oriented recruitment worked well."
• "We still cannot close kids as effectively as I wish we could..."
• "Unmotivated brothers. Combated by implementing a reward system."
• "We collectively need work on having quality conversations with rushees, not just 'hanging out'."
• "PNMs being busy with their schedule and getting them to come over consistently and getting lots of the brothers to get to know them."

If you could change one thing, what would you do differently for future recruitment efforts to become more successful?
• "More small events with individual brothers/rushes."
• "Recruit with my motivated members."
• "More pre-rushing."
• "Get to know PNM's more so they don't feel so "awkward" or out of place walking into a room full of unknown people."
• "Kill rush shirts... Some guys find them absolutely necessary and it's just a hurt on our budget for nonsense. Plan, plan, and plan some more. Have everyone on the same page and have a legitimate marketing strategy. Have pre-semester goals and assignments set for each committee or member."
• "Start recruiting earlier."
• "Explaining our goals and achievements to the rushes."
• More communication amongst brotherhood to increase focus on recruitment.
• Get more brothers involved in recruitment.
• Back up plans in case of bad weather.

What is your chapter doing now to recruit for the Fall?
• Actively participating in campus organizations
• Staying in communication with those who could not join this semester
• Training new brothers
• Planning (summer or fall events)
• Continuing work on names list
• Joining online groups for incoming freshmen
• Building recruitment teams among brothers

What recruitment training do brothers go through between now and Fall recruitment?
• Workshops
• Discussions
• Review of names list
• Conclave/Convention
• PhiredUp or PhiredUp videos

Responses From Undergraduate Brothers Who Joined In Fall 2011:

Were you interested in joining a Fraternity when you first got to your College or University? If yes, what about Fraternities interested you?
• "The social scene, the friends formed by brotherhood, and the connections for jobs and majors/classes."
• "My overall reasons for wanting to join a fraternity was to have a good time making new friends, connecting with brothers, being part of Greek life not just with my chapter and other brothers in PLP but with my campus as a whole. I wanted more than just friends too, I wanted brothers."
• "The friendships and fun involved, being a part of something, having a group of guys to hang out with throughout college."
• "The camaraderie built with fellow [new members] and the brothers throughout the [new member] process."

Were you interested in joining a Fraternity when you first got to your College or University? If no, what made you not want to consider joining a Fraternity?
• "Parents had been in one and seemed to look down on them in distaste and like they were useless."
• "I was a football player and those were the only friends and people I wanted and needed to know."
• "The "party all the time" lifestyle was a factor, but mostly my perception of the fraternity stereotype."
• "The fraternities on campus at the time were all about partying and getting drunk and that had no appeal to me at all. I got information about one of the fraternities as a freshman, but never pursued rushing for them, and I am glad that I didn't because their "ritual" involved getting drunk."
• "I didn't really know anything about fraternities when I first got to college-- It wasn't that I was committed to not joining one at first, but rather that I didn't exactly know what they were and what they did."
• "I didn't want to join a Fraternity when I first came to school because I thought it was the stereotypical type of organization that only drinks and parties and does immature things."

What ultimately made you consider joining Pi Lambda Phi?
• "Pilam is the only fraternity on campus that actually has a goal and a mission. They weren't just a bunch of guys that wanted to party 24/7 and that really meant something to me."
• "They actually cared about getting to know me, unlike some of the other frats I talked to."
• "I set a goal for myself at the beginning of this year to get more involved on campus... Pi Lambda Phi was recruiting people and that one of my friends was joining so I looked into it more. The values existed beyond getting drunk and partying."
• "I felt like I really fit in with all of the brothers at Pilam. Everyone was an individual, but they all shared common values and I wanted to be a part of that."
• "... the people. Every brother in [my] chapter are some of the greatest guys I've ever met. I didn't feel like I was becoming just friends with the fraternity, I felt like I was actually becoming a brother to them, an actual part of their family. I don't think there is anything one of my brothers wouldn't do to help me out. And that is ultimately why I joined."

What Pi Lambda Phi events did you attend during recruitment?
Bowling, poker, sports games, lunch or dinner with brothers, cook outs, video game tournaments and just hanging out were some of the most common events mentioned.

What did you enjoy most about how the brothers got to know you and inevitably recruited you?
• "I loved the fact that they wanted to first be your friends before they mentioned any fraternity stuff."
• "Everyone was really accepting and easygoing. I had gone to rush events at other fraternities and felt like I didn't fit the "cookie-cutter" image with their brothers, which kept me coming back to Pi Lambda Phi. I had a great time getting to know everyone; they were accepting of differences and they acted like they really cared about my decision when I got my bid."

In what ways do you think the chapter could have done a better job with recruiting you or recruitment overall last semester?
• "More of the brothers could have talked to me besides just saying hi. It was just a couple brothers that I talked to a lot."
• "I think we could have done better with recruiting if people actually tried to get out and meet people. Most of our recruiting happened far too late in the semester so people were really busy with school or chose to push it off one more semester."
• "More individual events. We had a lot of events where there were a lot of people and it was sort of difficult to get to know people."

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